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Today I am thrilled to share some BIG news from our family.  Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not pregnant.  Trust me, if/when I am pregnant, you will know about it immediately (considering last time I announced my pregnancy I wasn’t even 8 weeks along).  But, there is something exciting going on for us: WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  We closed escrow yesterday and are making the big move this weekend.  I’ve wanted to share this news with you since our offer was accepted last month, but I decided to wait until it was all official.


Erik and I had been looking to buy a house for maybe 7+ months, and we had seen a LOT of them. We had made previous offers on two different properties: one was sold within 24 hours to someone who could put down 50% in cash (siiiighhhhh) and the other one was taken off the market when the seller decided she wasn’t ready to let the home go.  We continued to scan the new listings daily and visited many houses hoping to find “the one.”  I wasn’t sure when or if we would really discover a property that had everything we wanted.  When you have a little one, you have to start considering things like local schools and district lines, space to run and play, etc. etc.  Throw in personal preferences (like room for a vegetable garden, curb appeal, a wood-burning fireplace) and you have quite a quest on your hands.

Well at the beginning of May, we saw a house.  We went and saw it on a gloomy morning and from the moment I drove up, I loved it.  Erik and I both did.  It is a Spanish-style home complete with charming red tile roof and curb appeal for days.  There are these mature oak trees in the front yard that provide lovely shade and character.  We got the wood-burning fireplace we wanted.  The neighborhood is darling on a low-traffic street, and best of all: there is room to grow/build/develop!  The house was exactly what Erik hoped for: something move-in ready but with lots of superficial projects to personalize it (e.g. remodels, upgrades and updates… no huge overhauls needed).   We slept on it and made an offer the next morning.  And… the offer was accepted!  I couldn’t believe it!

Things were complicated since we had a huge 2+ week trip planned in the middle of escrow, so we opted for a 45 day escrow.  There was a LOT of paperwork and research and hoop-jumping along the way but I am thankful we had a great real estate agent to guide us through the process. And now, here we are.  HOMEOWNERS.  I am overwhelmingly grateful for this unbelievable blessing from the Lord.

As some of you know, I grew up in apartments until I was in high school.  I can think of five distinct addresses I had over the course of my childhood.  For that reason, buying our first home feels especially significant.  I know we could raise Olivia with love, care and devotion in a one-bedroom apartment as well as we could in this home.  Home, after all, is where the heart is.  And mine is squarely set with these two.   But, we are grateful to the Lord to be able to create memories and put down roots in this house.


Lots and lots of home improvement posts are in the future, as we embark on all the projects we have in mind for the Casa.  I look forward to rolling up my sleeves with Erik and transforming this house into a home.

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father — Thank you Lord!!

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  1. diana elizabeth: June 19, 2013

    So excited for you! Praise God on giving you the desires of your heart 🙂 Can’t wait to see all the projects and get my personal Skype tour. xoxo! Oh, email me your new addy!

  2. julie martin: June 19, 2013

    God is so good!!! And a spanish style! You’re favorite!!! YAY FOR YOU GUYS! Can’t wait to visit!! 🙂

  3. kristin @ petal and thorn: June 20, 2013

    it’s gorgeous! can’t wait to come visit! congrats, swansons!!

  4. Mara: June 20, 2013

    aww it looks soo cute and sounds absolutely perfect!! I hope there’s a guest room for me to stay in when I come visit 🙂 xox!

  5. Sandy O: June 22, 2013

    Re: the photo of Olive with “sold” sign

    I didn’t even know that Olive was for sale — I would have submitted a HUGE bid LOL

    Seriously, congratulations!

  6. admin: June 24, 2013

    LOL you are adorable!! Miss you, Sandy! We just moved in this weekend so I’ll be in soon!

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