Another wonderful month with our daughter has come and gone… and I nearly lost my chance to get this post up before the next one is due!  In the past month, I feel like I’ve watched Olive blossom into a different baby.  SO many fun changes are happening everyday… from her growing desire to move (everywhere!) to her increased playfulness and the emergence of a personality, I am loving being a witness to this girl’s life.  On a near daily basis, some stranger will come up to me and comment on Miss Olive.  Whether they are remarking on her lush head of hair (most frequently) or her sunny disposition (she has a smile for everyone!), I always get the same feeling inside: I am SO blessed to be her mother.

Here is the latest and greatest in the world of Olivia Iris!

  • Olive’s weight gain seems to have leveled off a bit.  We don’t know exactly how much she weighs since our next visit isn’t until the 6-month mark, but I’m guessing she’s in the 15lb range.
  • She is showing the early signs of teething, although no pearly whites have popped through yet.  She chomps on everything she can get her hands on (my fingers, her toys, etc.) with great fervor, though!
  • She got in a jacuzzi for the first time, and seemed to enjoy it!!  We are trying to ensure she feels comfortable with the water from a young age so we can enjoy lots of childhood swimming and pool/beach time!
  • Olive is vocalizing more and more, as if she’s trying to push the limits of her tiny vocal chords.  It is hilarious when we are sitting in church and all of a sudden she’ll make a loud, “Ahhhhhhhrrrrrrrlalalala.”  It cracks everyone up that this tiny bundle can make such a noise, but at least she isn’t crying.  😉  It seems to simply be contented exclamations.
  • She’s SORT OF crawling!  She is army-crawling around and we laugh when we turn our backs for a minute and turn around to find her somewhere unexpected.
  • We took her to the mid-state fair (with Michelle; Yay!) and had a great time.  She seemed mesmerized by the lights and sounds.  It won’t be long before we’re sharing a giant turkey leg with her and she’s begging Daddy to win her some stuffed animal prize.
  • We had visits every weekend in July and two in August!  Grandparents and friends near and far were welcomed here, and it is always a treat to host our loved ones.
  • She had her first “entire” day without Mommy.  Erik watched her for nearly 12 hours while I did a wedding last month, and he did great!  I left him with bottles for her and he texted me a picture midday of her enjoying one.
  • Up to month five, she was sleeping 6-8 hours a night.  🙂

via Instagram – @loveandsplendor

with my beautiful friend Mara, from MlovesM

our family at Olive’s first fair!

My dearest Olive, What a difference a month makes!!  Daddy and I remark that our little chubby newborn is now a slightly less chubby little girl.  Although I still cuddle and snuggle you like a baby, I watch others hold you and wonder to myself how you got so big.  Your hair is getting longer and wilder and as I comb it, I have daydreams about brushing your long hair as a toddler, putting it in braids, curling it for a special holiday… When you’re sleepy, you rest your head on shoulder and nuzzle into my neck, and I imagine you curled up on a twin-sized bed in your own room.  When Mommy and Daddy sit down for dinner, you watch us inquisitively as we eat and lean in as if for a bite.  And naturally, I begin to envision us baking and cooking together, sharing the beaters from a bowl of cookie dough and testing spaghetti sauce from a wooden spoon.  It gives me great joy to consider the beautiful memories to be made together down the road.  But, I have to constantly remind myself to stay present in *this* moment.  So I’ve lay in bed a bit longer with you these days, just enjoying the first hour of the day when you’re full of energy and giggles.  I forgive you for all the unintentional hair pulling and face slapping in the a.m. — I know you’re just excited to get out of the crib and play next to us.  I’ve tried to hold your gaze longer when you stare at me with those beautiful watery blue-grey eyes, and savor the peace of those moments.  I hope you will always look at me with such pure love and trust.  I get down on the ground and crawl alongside you.  I pretend to eat your fingers when you try to nibble on mine.  I imitate your excited coos and engage you in thoughtful “discussions” on various topics.  I’m drinking in every moment.  Olivia, I am blessed to be your mommy.  It is a job I love and I want to pour all my heart into raising you well.  Although I guarantee I will stumble along the way and sometimes even disappoint you, I pray you will always know that you are deeply and truly loved.  And if you forget, you can come back to this post and read about how your mommy held you as a child and delighted in your laugh and let you pull her hair and loved you with all her heart.  I always will.  xoxo, Mommy

Olive’s baby book — “gummy bear” was the first nickname I gave her when I was pregnant

Today I am THRILLED to kick off another exciting giveaway, and this time it is baby-related!  My dear friend Julie is the creator of the Ruby Love baby book, and it is FABULOUS.

They start with a lovely fabric cover (available in a variety of colors and patterns) and then they fill it up with thoughtful prompts and pages to fill in.  There’s a monthly “first year” calendar with milestone stickers, blank pages for journalling, and much, much more… It’s like a stylish and guided scrapbook for your little one’s life.  I have the bonus pregnancy pack of pages and I enjoyed chronicling each step of that special journey, too.  I use washi tape, photo corners and Instax MINI prints to further customize my book.  (I’ll share a peek into my baby book sometime soon!)  It’s a joy to have a user-friendly baby book that looks great but still allows for my own personal touch.  This is why I am so delighted to GIVEAWAY a baby book with personalization ($65 value!) here on the blog.  Here is the skinny:

Simply visit the Ruby Love etsy shop and peruse the gorgeous cover options, page packs, etc.  I know you’ll fall in love with their products.  Then come back here and comment by answering all THREE of these questions:

  • Who would this album be for? (your own child or baby on the way, a friend, etc.)
  • Which cover would you choose if you won?
  • Share your favorite thing about being a mama, or share something you love about YOUR Mom!

That’s it!  As an extra bonus, we are offering any readers who decide to purchase an album (while the giveaway is active — until Thursday, September 6 at 12 noon PST) a 10% discount.  Just use the discount code loveandsplendor10.  The code will get you 10% off *and* a free baby book pen (I looove the ones she has in her shop).  If you end up winning the giveaway, the fine folks at Ruby Love will refund your money so you’ll get your album for free.  So feel free to purchase and enter too!

You have until next Thursday (9/6) at 12noon PST to enter, so best of luck!


Thank you for reading along with Olive’s monthly posts… I am grateful for each and every one of you out there!  Have a beautiful weekend!  xoxo, Angel

Comments (15)

  1. Nancy T: August 31, 2012

    Woooow, these books are SO lovely!!

    I would love to get this album for my sister, who could use it for her lovely baby boy/my nephew. Since he was born, she’s been so busy trying to keep up with him, since he can be a little fussy at times…and as a result, it’s been difficult for her to keep track of all of his milestones or tidbits about him! There is so much about him that would be amazing to track, considering he is the very first grandchild on both sides of their families!!!

    If I won, I would choose the baby book with blue and orange airplanes! My nephew absolutely LOVES airplanes and his eyes always light up whenever he sees them! Also, he really loves the colors blue and orange, since my sister often dresses him in those colors!

    I absolutely LOVE my mom for how sacrificial she is! She never hesitates to give up her time to help me with anything I need, which is just amazing – whether I need her to hem my pants, help me cook a meal, or even go run errands – she is always more than willing to be there right alongside me, just because she loves me and loves spending time with me. And quite frankly, I love spending time with her just as much – if not more! She is truly the best!!!!! 🙂

    Thank you for the chance to win such a great giveaway, Angel!!! 🙂

  2. NaomiL: August 31, 2012

    1) If I won the giveaway I would make the book for the new addition to our family arriving in one month (time flies!!) 🙂
    2) I love Baby Patchwork Album design – it matches her crib set perfectly 🙂
    3) Well since she’s still in my stomach, I love that fact that I get to witness this little person being formed from the beginning. What a special feeling to have her kick in my stomach !!! 🙂

  3. brooke @ claremont road: August 31, 2012

    I love these! I’d choose the Boy Modern Baby Book in the Dwell Studio Blue and Green Animals Album, for my little boy who is due to arrive in 2 weeks! My favorite thing about being a mama so far is feeling his kicks and movements in my belly, especially when I have music playing. I could swear he’s developing his music tastes already based on the songs and artists that always seem to get him going!

  4. Jenny: August 31, 2012

    I would love the Artsy Garden Floral Teal Album for my three month old, Addison June.

    I love seeing my personality reflected in my daughter!

  5. Katie: August 31, 2012

    I would love the Bermuda Stripes book for my soon to be baby this coming January! We don’t know what we are having yet, but I hope to know soon! I love the colors on this book, and the prints on the inside are so much fun! Growing this lil one inside of me has been awesome so far, and it’s really just so amazing how our bodies get ready for the lil one to arrive healthy.

  6. Heather: August 31, 2012

    I would be super excited to get the bermuda stripes book! I would totally want to save it for my own second child. I already have one of your fabulous books! It is coveted by all. I could be swayed to give it as a gift if one of my closest friends gets pregnant before me??

    What I really love about being a mom is seeing my daughter grow and learn new things every day. It amazes me how quickly milestones come and go. Seventeen months in the most glorious blink of an eye.

  7. amanda @ baci: September 1, 2012

    1} If I won, I would use this album for our little one that will be arriving in January!! This is our first baby and I’ve already begun a pregnancy journal so having a beautiful baby book to compliment it would be wonderful!!

    2} I would choose the Green Moroccan Tiles Album – we’re not going to find out the sex of the baby until it’s born, so this is the perfect modern and neutral choice for us 🙂

    3} Since this is our first baby, I have so many amazing things to look forward to about being a mama, but even just carrying this little one around has been such a fabulous experience!

  8. Danielle: September 2, 2012

    Oh Em Gee – I LOVE these books! They are absolutely adorable.

    This album would be for my sweet baby girl, Anistynn Grace. She is easily the biggest blessing I have ever received. She makes my life so much brighter and I truly dont know what I filled my time up with before her!!

    I’m in love with 2 designs – the patchwork cover and the pink & green damask cover. They are both absolutely cute!!

    There are so many things I love about being a mama but honestly, the biggest one that I can think of is… the fact that I AM a mama!! I have always wanted to have kids and raise a family and my daughter arriving in this world has fulfilled that times a million!! I cant believe how lucky and blessed I am to be the mother of this precious sweet spirit. My mama passed away when I was just 6 years old so I never really got to experience a relationship with her that I can remember. I know that she is my guardian angel watching over me and that she is the reason why my daughter arrived so safely and beautifully – she’s hers now too 🙂

  9. joyjoy: September 2, 2012

    I would have loved one of these for our baby girl who is due any day now (!), but since I already have one for her, this would be the perfect gift for my cousin who is expecting her first in March. The Modern Ash Gray cotton would be a nice neutral since they don’t know the gender yet.

    My favorite thing about being a mama so far is seeing how much personality this little girl has even while still in the belly–how she loves to stretch her legs into a certain spot, how she dances to guitar music only when played by her uncle, how she’s always excited to hear her daddy’s voice. It’s amazing!

  10. Kelly: September 2, 2012

    Oh My!! These are beautiful albums, and exactly what I have been searching for!

    If I won, the album would be for babe in my tummy…he is due to make his arrival this coming November, but I would also need to purchase an additional one for our daughter 😉 who just turned 2 in August.

    I would choose Orange Mod Circles cover if I were to win!

    I love being a mom! I love getting to know my daughter. I love how she is developing a personality and I get to be part of it!

  11. Lisa T: September 2, 2012

    Little Olive is so adorable!

    1) The album would be for me and my twin boys. Days move so quickly for me that it would be helpful to have such a book to document the memories.

    2) love the dwell studio blue & blue argyle covers

    3) favorite part of being a mommy: when my boys wake up in the morning, I put them on the big bed so that they play together. So sweet to watch them. So happy when they’re together.

  12. Kristy B.: September 4, 2012

    I would love this amazing and beautiful Memory Book for me to set it up for my son who just turned the big 1 year old. This is what I was looking for!! I really love all of the covers but if I had to choose just one, I love the: BOY Modern Baby Memory Book. Blue and Green Animals Album. It is truly perfect for the theme I have throughout for my little guy.
    My favorite thing about being a Mom to my little guy is watching him discover new things. His face lights up and you can truly see the discovery on his face expressions. I just love being a Mom to my little guy. It is a gift!!

  13. Jen: September 7, 2012

    Olivia is just too cute! I really love reading your monthly updates. She will definitely treasure reading them some day.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ruby Love baby books. They are seriously the cutest baby books on the market! I actually just recently purchased one for my daughter that I’m currently trying to get done before our second baby arrives this coming February. If I were to win this give away, I would pick out a book for our little one on the way.

    We’re old school, and like to wait until baby’s birth day to find out whether we have a son or daughter, so picking out a cover was a little challenging. After lots of perusing, the Orange Mod Circles and Rustic Stripes are my favorite gender neutral patterns.

    Being a mom is so amazing! I love watching my toddler daughter grow and blossom and discover new things each and every day is so rewarding. Watching her explore and learn to make sense of this world God has gifted us with is so enjoyable. The best part of being a mama though, hearing my little one sweetly say “I love you mommy” and she gives me big kisses before bed each night. Aaah….

  14. Vivian: October 20, 2012

    Where is Olive’s polka dot hoodie and tulle stroller canopy cover from? Love it!

  15. admin: October 21, 2012

    hi vivian! the polka dot hoodie is from target (circo brand) a few months back. the canopy cover for the stroller is actually a bug shield and it came with our stroller – the uppa baby vista. we love our stroller!! xo

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