I can’t believe it but my little family is featured in a Target commercial about adoption!  I’ve already watched it a handful of times and Olive is positively obsessed.  (Oh brother!)  Don’t worry — we aren’t quitting our day jobs.  But, we had a blast working on this project and are excited to have it as a little keepsake for our family.

Today I wanted to share the commercial (currently on their YouTube channel, but keep your eyes open: our contract allows to national TV spots as well!) but later this week I’ll share about the audition & casting process, as well as what goes into shooting a commercial like this.  It was a really unique and wonderful experience.

We’re not quitting our day jobs but hey, Olive is Coogan-account ready in case anyone out there wants to snap her up for their next ad campaign.  😉

I hope you all have a wonderful day; see you soon!

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  1. michelle: June 24, 2015

    I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS VIDEO, YOU AND YOUR GROWING FAMILY!! all caps were necessary for my excitement. 🙂 love you so so so much!

  2. angel: June 24, 2015

    I MISS YOU TERRIBLY!!! Love you so much Michy!

  3. vivian: June 24, 2015

    this is so exciting!! i really hope i get to see this on TV! our family got to shoot a little commercial back in January and leah loved it!! although whenever i showed her the video she doesn’t really seem to care. hahah and are you going to post about noah’s adoption process? can’t wait to read about it!!!

  4. angel: June 24, 2015

    Thanks dear!! <3 I will definitely be sharing about the adoption process soon. xox

  5. bethany: June 24, 2015

    angel, this is so cool!!! it’s such a fun peek into your family life and what a fun little video that you get to keep foreeeeever! 🙂

    am looking forward to your coming posts 🙂

  6. angel: June 25, 2015

    Thanks doll!! Coming soon 😉

  7. Debbie Freeman: June 24, 2015

    How amazing!!!

  8. Tara Maxey: June 24, 2015

    I’ve watched this now three times and it just makes me cry each time! I’m so happy for you dear friend xoxoxo

  9. angel: June 25, 2015

    Love YOU so much!! xoxo

  10. LeeAnna: June 24, 2015

    I love it! When I heard you were going to be in a Target commercial, I was envisioning you guys pushing a cart through the store! Boy, was I wrong! I’ll bet you had a hand in designing this one!

  11. Jackie G: June 27, 2015

    LOVE it! It was such a great peek into your family! We have the same rug Olive was lying/rolling around on. 🙂

  12. angel: June 27, 2015

    Thank you Jackie!

  13. sally: July 1, 2015


  14. angel: July 5, 2015

    Thanks dear!

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