Love_and_Splendor_FULL_LOGO_low-restightcrop If you’re reading this post in bloglovin or another similar subscription box, today is the day to click over to the actual blog and take a look around. I’m SO thrilled to finally unveil the long-awaited (and long-overdue) new branding and sites for Love & Splendor. HOORAY!

My old site was built in 2007 and slightly updated in 2008. Yikes! Although I launched a new(er) blog in 2011, I never updated the website because I knew it would take a lot more than a facelift. We needed something completely fresh and new. As I embarked on my rebranding journey, I reached out to my incredibly talented and dear friend Julie Song Ink. I am coming up on 2 years of having Julie in my world and she still wows me every single time. She is truly one of the most innately gifted illustrators/artists I have ever known, yet she has the most humble demeanor. I poured out my vision to her in the form of run-on sentences and an excessive amount of adjectives, colors, images, etc. She thoughtfully took in every single word and brought to life exactly what I had desired. Every stroke and detail was beautifully executed and somehow, I felt very personally connected to each bit (as if she had dipped her brush straight into my heart and let it spill out on the page). The new L&S logo is truly representative of both my personal aesthetic and our wedding design brand. See the dainty ginkgo leaves? I love how she integrated them as they come from my favorite tree. The site is clean (lots of white space) but the logo gives it that splash of signature L&S whimsy, charm, and exuberance. Playful with polish.  In addition to the dramatic Love and Splendor logo, Julie is responsible for the beautiful header on the new blog as well as all the pretty hand lettering you’ll find around the sites.  Julie // I can’t thank you enough for working so hard to bring this logo to life.  Your meticulous, careful, attentive nature paired with your natural talent bring about magic.  Pure magic.  No one else could have captured my heart in this way; you are the only person I would have wanted for this project.  I adore you so much and am thankful to call you a friend!!  Love you!!

Thanks are also due to the ever-patient and hard-working Steph Anne of Yellow and Savvy (along with programmer Raz) who helped design and code both the website and blog.  Steph Anne actually did my previous blog (in 2011) and I love working with her.  She has a great eye and offered lots of helpful advice along the way, while staying true to my vision.  I am grateful for all the effort and heart she put into this project and I absolutely could not have done it without her.

Thank you to my amazing colleagues (photographers, floral designers, etc.) for helping me bring this site to life.  The images that you see on my website and on the blog are the results of heartfelt collaboration.  It takes a village to put on a flawless event and I am blessed with the best of the best.  Working alongside amazing artists fuels my own creativity.

Finally, a huge thank you to my precious clients and blog readers who allow me to do what I love everyday.  I count it a tremendous blessing to have been in this industry for nearly 9 years, still working and being inspired and enjoying every minute.  I am also so humbled by each of you who take the time to stop and visit me here on the blog, and those who have written me encouraging notes and comments over the years.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your love and support.

Still coming:  new team photos (woohoo!) and even more beautiful images for our portfolio.  Is it funny that I already know this season will turn out weddings that will become portfolio galleries?  😉  Get ready for a great year!

To celebrate the ALL NEW website and blog, I wanted to share a little giveaway!  Simply leave a comment below letting me know how you found my blog (or how do you know me, anyway??) and you’ll be entered to win a random assortment of some of my recent favorite things: an Emily Isabella tea towel, Maybelline BabyLips and a few other surprises.  😉


You have until 9pm PST this Sunday, April 13th, to enter.  The randomly selected winner will be announced on Monday morning (the 14th).  Good luck and thank you again for celebrating with me!!!

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Comments (60)

  1. maya: April 9, 2014

    angel, i love the new blog and website. it so perfectly represents your vivaciousness and style! i was lucky enough to have you coordinate our wedding in 2008 and love that i get to still keep in touch with you. you were a treasured part of our day! xo

  2. admin: April 9, 2014

    Maya — you are the sweetest! You love and support and friendship over the years means the world to me. <3 Thank you for the kind words of encouragement!!

  3. Skylar Parton: April 9, 2014

    You were my inspiring literature teacher, a breath of glamorous and sophisticated fresh air in that eighth grade class room, and my first exposure to some of my favorite poets. I’m in college now, but someday I’ll be getting married, and I’ll schedule my wedding around your availability. I love your blog!

  4. admin: April 9, 2014

    Skylar — thank you for your sweet and gracious words! 😉 I’ll be waiting for your call. xo

  5. Sally: April 9, 2014

    Love this!!! It’s so beautiful and perfectly represents you and your style!! Some of the adjectives that come to mind: Gorgeous, vibrant, detailed, a bit of vintage, fresh…. I’ve never met you in person but have been following your blog for years and WISHED I was lucky enough to have you coordinate my wedding but didn’t get to. ::sad face:: but I am blessed to “know” you through the blogging world and to have bonded over our journey to motherhood! Thanks for always being so positive and shining the light of Christ through all your posts! <3

  6. admin: April 9, 2014

    You are truly such an encouragement, Sally! Hope we get to (finally) meet in person this year. xoxo

  7. Nelly Chung: April 9, 2014

    I love Angel as a person, her beliefs and her wonderful fun working attitude! She was my wedding coordinator and she’s the BEST! Wishing amazing things to happen in 2014! Love this great new blog!

  8. admin: April 9, 2014

    Nelly! Thank you for your sweet words; wish I could hug you in person! Did you see yourself on the website?? 😉 xoxo

  9. Audrey: April 9, 2014

    Angel! Congratulations on the new blog and website – it’s sparkling and beautiful, just like YOU! How we know each other: you coordinated my 2006(!) wedding, and did such an amazing job, all the ladies in my family, from my mom to my aunts to my grandma raved about “the pretty, smart girl who kept everything together!” 😉 It’s been such a joy to see your business expand, thrive, and flourish. All glory and honor to God! Miss you! Love you! xo

  10. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Aww Audrey! Thank you so much for dropping by and continuing to support me with love and encouragement thru the years. Grateful for you!!!! xoxo

  11. Koko Sunshine: April 9, 2014

    Oh my goodness, it’s all so beautiful!!! I’m ridiculously impressed with the new site and blog; it’s definitely fitting for your refined eye for design! And thank you so much for NOT ONLY including me in the “about” but saying the KINDEST things about me. I always tear up from your sweetness. You are so gifted and are an incredible gift in my life <3 Love you always and forever.

  12. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Thank you so much my darling! I meant every word; you are a treasure in my life. 😉 New team pics soon, woohoo!!!

  13. Naomi Lee: April 9, 2014

    Angel… I’ve been following you since the day I found out about you and cherish each post even more after I met you and you helped put together my dream wedding! Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to see your future posts!

  14. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Sweet Naomi, thank you so much for your gracious and kind words. Love you and your entire family!! xoxo

  15. Nelly Chung: April 9, 2014

    Really! I didn’t but will find myself now! 😉 A cameo in your website! :). Miss you dear!

  16. Julie Martin: April 9, 2014

    This is so YOU! Love it!
    I think I know you through our seven degrees of separation from Bo Derek. Or something like that.

  17. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Love you Jules!! Thank you so much! And I haven’t seen Bo in ages…

  18. kristin @ petal and thorn: April 9, 2014

    That logo is incredible! I love the punch of bright green. That color is fresh and makes me happy.

    How do I know you? I think it all started at a Friday night fellowship in VLSB… 🙂

  19. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Thank you sweetie!! I am soooo grateful for you. Love and miss you tons. <3

  20. michelle: April 9, 2014

    i looooove it!! this hands down represents who and what L&S is. as always, honored and humbled to be apart of something so magical, fun and truly unique. love you to pieces, angel. XOX

  21. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Thank YOU for being such an integral part of Love & Splendor, and more importantly, my life and my heart. Love you to pieces. xoxo

  22. Hannah: April 9, 2014

    I love everything about your new site! I found you first through Weddingbee back in the day and have been hooked since. I love your posts about Olive and life in sunny CA, as well! Congrats on the beautiful redesign, it couldn’t be more perfect!

  23. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Hannah — thank you so much for your kind words and support through the years! It means so much to me. 😉 xo

  24. Susie Bakonis: April 9, 2014

    Looks great, Angel! Congrats on the new launch Oh…haha..and we know each other from Cal, of course 😉

  25. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Thanks sweet Susie!! Hope you’re doing well!

  26. Jennifer Anne Merrett: April 9, 2014

    Hooray for your new look and site! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Can’t recall exactly how I stumbled upon you + your blog but I’ve got lots of friends in the wedding industry & I’m local–in Orange. Hugs & happy congrats on this new chapter of your business…wishing you continued success! Cheers!

  27. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Thank you sweet Jennifer! I recognize you as the girl who always bids on the same Thrift Archaeology dresses as me. 😉 xoxo

  28. christine: April 9, 2014

    love the new design of the blog. Very clean and fresh new look.

  29. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Thank you, Christine!

  30. jess wilcox: April 9, 2014

    everything looks amazing Angel!!! Congrats! xo ps lets get together soon!

  31. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Thank you so much, sweet Jess! I am grateful for you. I will text you now about getting together; miss you! 😉

  32. Kimberly: April 9, 2014

    the new blog is beautiful! i just love the florals/colors! boy, I forgot how i stumbled across your blog way back, but i think i was just perusing wedding sites, and of course i got hooked on your posts. oh, and i went to Berkeley too. class of ’05. go bears!

  33. angel // love & splendor: April 9, 2014

    Thank you, Kimberly!! Go Bears!

  34. i love your new site!!!!! congrats girl. i just want to eat it all up!

  35. angel // love & splendor: April 10, 2014

    Sweetest Lucy — thank you for taking the time to take a peek at the new site! That means so much to me; miss your beautiful smiling face!

  36. erin: April 9, 2014

    hi angel! love the new colors! i keep coming back to check out what your little fam. is up to and a recipe here and there 🙂

  37. angel // love & splendor: April 10, 2014

    Thanks sweet Erin!! Hope you’re great! xo

  38. Dawn Spiker: April 9, 2014

    Congratulations on your new site! I miss teaching at NCS with you, but glad for your success in all areas of your life!

  39. angel // love & splendor: April 10, 2014

    Thank you, Dawn. 😉 Hope you’re doing well!!

  40. Mom: April 10, 2014

    The logo, the site, the colors are so very you. It is visually stunning and as you said incorporates everything you love. Congratulations to you for your amazing vision and success. I love reading your blog entries, seeing photos of your weddings and of course all of you! And to answer your required question I found your blog because you announced it to me as you launched it. You are not just a daughter in law to me, but you already know that! Love and hugs.

  41. angel // love & splendor: April 10, 2014

    Oh thank you SO much for your words of encouragement and support!! Truly so grateful to have you in my life. Love and miss you!

  42. hannah c.: April 10, 2014

    pretty!! i heard about you from bethany park/kim when we were at Cal and Eastbay together, so i started following your blog when i was planning my wedding a few years back. love the design inspiration and genuinely real encouragement / life stories! 🙂

  43. angel // love & splendor: April 10, 2014

    Thanks Hannah! 😉 Glad to have you stopping by!

  44. Nicole H: April 10, 2014

    I love this!! Such a beautiful site, yet so fun. It really captures your personality so well! I couldn’t get onto the blog, it just loaded for a while, and ..nothing. But the new site is just fabulous!

  45. angel // love & splendor: April 10, 2014

    Thanks so much sweet Nicole!! You are commenting on the blog here now! 😉 xox

  46. wakana: April 10, 2014

    The site is soo beautiful!! Congrats! I’ve been following your blog on and off through the years. I’m not really the type to comment on blogs, but thought this was the perfect opportunity to speak up :). It’s so fun to see the journey the Lord has brought you and your fam through! We met at Cal via Eastbay 🙂

  47. angel // love & splendor: April 10, 2014

    Hi Waka!! Thanks so much for sweet comment; hope you are doing well!! xo

  48. Nancy: April 10, 2014

    Hi Angel!! Congrats on the new look of the blog – I absolutely love it! I actually found your blog when I was planning my wedding in 2012, as I really wanted to hire you, but unfortunately simply just didn’t have the budget to hire a wedding planner… though if I had had the budget to do so, I would have DEFINITELY hired you! I am a believer, a mommy-to-be, and simply love your entire philosophy, writing style, and how much you care for your family! I especially love when you write about your sister Anna because I’m VERY close with my sister, so I relate to the special bond you have!! 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog and admiring all the BEAUTIFUL weddings L&S puts on! You guys are truly amazing and I am blessed to read about all of the amazing things you are doing, as well as about all of the things you are learning as a planner, mom, wife, woman of faith, etc. Thank you for sharing your life with us readers! 🙂

  49. angel // love & splendor: April 10, 2014

    I recognize your name, Nancy! 😉 Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by the site and leave such kind and encouraging words. I am grateful for you stopping by to read!! xo

  50. Mae Stock: April 10, 2014

    Congrats Angel! Your new website is so pretty and cheerful it makes me smile! Perfect for a Spring launch. We met in high school. Your blog is definitely one of my faves to follow. I especially enjoy reading about your little Olive. All of your weddings are over the top and I am so happy for you!

  51. angel // love & splendor: April 11, 2014

    Thank you SO much, sweet Mae!! I am grateful for your encouragement!

  52. Jennifer V: April 11, 2014

    The new logo is so pretty! Congrats on the new design! Cannot wait to see more posts…makes life in my little sad cubicle more bearable. 🙂

  53. angel // love & splendor: April 11, 2014

    Thank you Jennifer! Glad you are reading along. 😉

  54. Megan Cielatka: April 11, 2014

    Your website is so beautiful, warm and inviting! I’m looking forward to following your blog and getting to know you and your little lady Olive better! 🙂

  55. angel // love & splendor: April 11, 2014

    Thanks sweet Megan!! xo

  56. Kelly Hughes: April 12, 2014

    I’m planning a wedding, and my searching takes me all over the place 🙂 Your look is amazing! I love it!

  57. angel // love & splendor: April 12, 2014

    Thank you for your kind words!! Best wishes to you as you plan toward your own big day!

  58. Jackie G: April 12, 2014

    Love the new look! Your logo is awesome and so pretty! I found you when I was looking around WeddingBee when I was planning my 2010 wedding. If I lived in SoCal I would have loved to hired you. 🙂

    I love all your updates on Olive. Please don’t stop!

  59. angel // love & splendor: April 12, 2014

    You are SO sweet; thank you for your kind words! I am honored you’ve been reading all these years. The newest Olive update is coming this week! 😉

  60. Debbie Freeman: April 25, 2014

    Love the new look!

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