Just a few weeks ago, I turned 30.  You won’t hear any whining over here about it — I am embracing 30 with open arms and am grateful for each day on this earth.  I don’t fear or mind getting older, probably in large part because I know that there is more ahead beyond this life on earth.  🙂  I thank God for the joy and lessons He puts in my life in the meanwhile.

So far, 30 has been incredible and I have to say the year was kicked off in style by a heartwarming 30th birthday party thrown for me by my husband, my sister, and my best friend, Kristin.  I’m not going to lie and say I was 100% clueless.  If you know me, you know I’m really difficult to surprise.  On this particular Saturday (the day after my birthday), Erik told me we were going to go hang out with my sister and brother-in-law at their home before heading home from a busy week.  I found this quite odd because: 1) they live 60ish miles south of where we were, and we were going to drive 170 miles north that evening.  Going in the opposite direction just to hang out seemed weird and 2) they told me we were just going to hang out and we had no real plans.  I’m all for spontaneity but it seemed extremely sketchy that we were going to make the drive to their house just to “hang.”  😉  Well even if I suspected something was up, I could not have dreamed of what was in store for me when I rolled up to their home that morning.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by some of my dearest friends and family who had traveled all over soCal to join me for the celebration.  I was so touched and moved to know each of them had made the drive and taken the time to be with me.  I say it all the time but I am thoroughly and richly blessed by the people in my life!

Growing up, birthdays were never a big deal in our home.  We celebrated simply with things like a new pair of shoes or a special homemade dessert.  I can’t remember ever having a genuine birthday party as a kid (I know that sounds sad but I promise  my childhood was great!).  So, Erik ran with that and threw me a throwback kids’ bday party complete with Hello Kitty plates and décor, balloons, streamers, the whole bit.  He also got Jamba Juice for everyone, which was a nod to my love of smoothies.  There were games (like his ridiculously goofy word scramble, and pin-the-bow on Hello Kitty), pizza, ice cream and my favorite banana cream pie.  Kristin made beautiful decorations and floral arrangements and Anna prepped the food, made a delicious salad, and of course lent her beautiful home to host the occasion.  I loved seeing so many of my favorite people in one place, and watching them interact with each other!  I look back on these photos and just smile.  Erik jokingly said (in a welcome speech) that the party wasn’t going to be up to my fancy wedding world expectations.  How silly!  🙂  The party was perfect because it was planned with love and populated by an amazing community of people I love, too!  Thank you, Erik, for such an unforgettable day.

Me and Krissy, being goofy as always

two of my faves: Eden from Sugar and Charm and Mara from M Loves M

Tina & Brian — clients turned friends turned clients again!  Their insane vow renewal is coming up this summer!

My sunshiney Koko

my gorgeous little sister, Anna

my (engaged!) sister-in-law Megan, me, my wonderful in-laws and my sweetie

Trista and Evie <3

Jess, another client-turned-friend who is now renowned for her macaron making skills at Sweet and Saucy Shop!

Christina and Grant!

Carlie and Melody!

Thank you again to each of you who came out to celebrate with me.  You made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world (and often, I think I am).

With the weekend approaching, I am currently: working on invitation designs for two summer couples, prepping for two site visits two days in a row, putting out a new contract for a September couple (hi M&S!) and getting my new website and blog prepped for launch in just a few weeks.  Whew!  I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday; see you all again soon!

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  1. diana elizabeth: March 27, 2014

    I loved this post! What fun!! And maybe Erik needs to lead his own weddings in your business – hee hee. 😉 Or maybe he can start with Hello Kitty parties, he’s got it down! Glad your bd was fabulous, and 30s are the new 20s! xoxo

  2. admin: April 2, 2014

    LOL you are so cute! I think Erik did an amazing job but he is leaving the planning to me from now on. 😉 And yes, I am excited to be 30!

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