Olive turned 22-months old on Sunday and I’m already writing her monthly recap — how’s that for efficiency??  I’m usually so late on these that I thought I’d hustle to get this update posted today.  😉  With Olive’s 2nd birthday around the corner, I am getting *even more* sentimental, thinking about how quickly time has passed since her birth.  I got pretty teary last night while snuggling her before bed.  It might have had something to do with just having watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (highly recommended!!) but I just felt SO grateful for her.  I know every mother must feel the same way about their children, right??  I hold her tight and breathe in her incredible baby smell and kiss her cheeks and feel like my heart is going to explode with the amount of love and care I have for her.  It is amazing.

wearing a favorite vintage dress from my friend and former client, Jess

Here are our highlights from month 22…

  • We saw Frozen at the drive-in and she seemed to pay attention for most of it!  We’ve been going to the drive-in since she was a newborn and it really is the best way to see a movie with kids.  You get a double feature for $8/pp and you can eat and relax in the comfort of your own car… Can’t beat it.
  • We visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and had a great time!  Olive has been obsessed with aquatic life since we took her to the Sydney Aquarium last spring.  I love watching her face light up as she observes the “fishies.”
  • I did a wedding in Long Beach (the first ever at The Loft on Pine!) for a sweet friend and Erik and Olive were guests!  It was kind of crazy having her there and trying to work, but I still love a chance to dress her up.  😉  She did try to help me by picking up rose petals (one by one) after the ceremony was over.
  • We celebrated Christmas in soCal with our families and had a wonderful time.
  • Lots of park time with friends!  The slide is still her favorite — she could go down it 20 times straight!  The swings are her least favorite.  She’ll go in for about 12 seconds before she says “all done swing.”
  • We rung in the New Year with friends and woke Olive up at midnight for a kiss.  The deer-in-headlights photos of her crack me up.
  • She saw Finding Nemo (aka “Nemo Fishy”) in parts this month and she loves it!  I also showed her a clip on YouTube of “Under the Sea” to acquaint her with another Disney ocean-themed classic.  It’s now on her request rotation anytime a computer is around.
  • Many more words and phrases including: Ouchy boo-boo for any type of injury, both real and imaginary, in request for a kiss from Dada, Where you going?, Thank you much!, Si-yee Dada or Si-yee Mama when she thinks either of us is being goofy, Oh dear! whenever I ask her where something is or where something went, etc.  She loves play cooking with some new kiddie cookware, pretending to talk on the phone (mostly with her grandparents), riding around the sunroom on her toy car and cleaning up (with a duster).  😉
  • Olive has always been an affectionate girl but she is really ramping up her lovey-ness and I can’t get enough!  She requests hugs and kisses on a daily basis, is always asking me to pick her up (“hold you!”) and loves to cuddle.  I am so grateful for this because I am such a snuggler… I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture but I love it!

{ 22 month photomosaic }

Darling Olive — Sweetie you make us laugh everyday with your antics!  I love hearing you chatter and sing throughout the day, I love watching you play with a new toy, I love seeing your sweet facial expression while we bow for prayer as a family.  I am soaking up every minute of your little-ness.  So many mama friends around me have urged me to never take a moment for granted because this time is over so quickly.  I don’t think I could do much more in terms of soaking each minute in, but I still feel time slipping away from me.  I can never get enough of you!  Thank you for still letting me cuddle you like a baby (we call it “baby mode” and you know when I say that to curl up like an infant in my arms — it melts me!) once in a while.  I promise not to bug you to do that when you’re a teenager… hopefully.  😉  You fill our home with so much joy and you remind us everyday that God answers prayers.  We love you babygirl!  love, Mama

I hope you’re all enjoying this week so far!  I’m working on putting together final docs for our first wedding of the year which happens to be this weekend.  Can’t wait; see you all again soon!

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  1. sally: January 14, 2014

    soooo soooo sweet! can’t believe she’s already 22 months! <3

  2. admin: January 20, 2014

    I know… it blows my mind!

  3. vivian: January 15, 2014

    happy 22 months, olive! leah says “hold you” too! i love it, so i never actually correct her. 🙂

  4. admin: January 20, 2014

    I never correct her!! It’s my favorite… I’ll be sad when she stops saying it. <3

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