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Today I wanted to share just a few photos from another sweet weekend with my family.  My mom and stepdad came to visit for a few days so we enjoyed catching up with them.  They arrived late on Friday afternoon, so we decided to take it easy with a simple dinner at home.  I still wanted to make it a special occasion, so I prepared a 100% organic and completely local meal for them.  Everything was caught/grown within 10 miles of our home, from the line-caught black cod from Avila Beach to the vegetables from my local Rutiz Farm, from delectable See Canyon apples to the lovely dahlias gracing the tabletop!  I did “cheat” with the butter, milk, salt, and some spices.  But, I made sure to only use the best organic ingredients.  Although we certainly do not keep a perfectly organic or clean diet around here, we make the effort to eat well.  Since moving up the coast, I have felt a renewed inspiration in the kitchen thanks to the abundance of local produce.  I am SO grateful to live here!!

the whole spread!  I love setting the table with Olive’s personalized plate from Michelle.  😉

Side view of my yummy apple crisp, made with a variety of apples (burgundy, empire, mutsu, mollie’s delicious) from Gopher Glen

About to head for the oven!

citrus glazed local black cod

tricolor green beans blanched then quickly sautéed with garlic

seasonal salad with avocado, tomatoes, lemon cucumbers (a fav!!) and mixed lettuces

sierra gold mashed potatoes (the most buttery and decadent potatoes!) and roasted bi-color corn (no GMOs, no pesticides, the BEST corn I’ve ever eaten!)

My parents were gracious enough to treat us out to dinner on Saturday night.  We visited the Gardens of Avila at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, and I was delighted to read that Chef Robert Trester previously worked in the kitchen at Joe’s, a family favorite in Venice.  The menu is also completely local and extremely creative.  We had a fabulous meal and I can’t wait to visit again soon.  Olive was a doll (thanks to running off her energy in the gardens outside after we had ordered) and an older couple even came over to our table during dinner to compliment her behavior.  It was a huge blessing and relief, seeing that she is quite a rambunctious toddler these days!  😉  Forgive me for the poor photos — I insisted on taking iPhone pics despite the dim lighting in the restaurant.  The food was too pretty not to photograph!

compressed melon and burrata…

my fav appetizer: poached egg with kale chips and pork belly

sea bass and pork belly (sensing a trend??)

wild salmon and charred cucumbers

lovely outdoor seating

Sundays are always the same around here — church, a restful afternoon, and church again.  😉  I am always so blessed to be with my church family and hear Erik faithfully preach the word.  I feel so recharged on Mondays as a result!

Bottom lip out = concentration face during a coloring session in the nursery

Olive is absolutely smitten with her Halmunee (grandmother in Korean) and Nanaji (maternal grandfather in Hindi); I loved hearing her laughter and squeals of joy as she ran around with them.  I am so grateful that she can spend time with her grandparents!

Have a great evening & see you all again soon!

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  1. kristin @ petal and thorn: August 26, 2013

    i’m drooling! looks SO GOOD. black cod is one of my favs!

  2. admin: August 29, 2013

    Mine too! Miss you tons!!

  3. vivian: August 26, 2013

    that bottom lip out is the cutest!!! and the food looks so delicious. i’m hungry now.

  4. admin: August 29, 2013

    Isn’t it hilarious??

  5. FRECKLES CHICK: August 28, 2013

    Hey, you can cook for me ANYTIME 😉 #drooling

    I absolutely love Olive’s look of concentration! Such an artiste!

  6. admin: August 29, 2013

    C’mon over anytime! 😉

  7. michelle: August 28, 2013

    yum…can’t wait to visit you in a few weeks!! 😉 and love seeing that olive is using the plate i got her. yay! XO

  8. admin: August 29, 2013

    We love it!!! Can’t wait to see you soon <3

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