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I was all ready to post this monthly update last week and was quite proud of myself for turning it around within days of her monthday.  And then, you know, things got crazy (fabulous wedding at Smog Shoppe over the weekend — congrats again B&S!) and here I am.  😉  My sweet girl is sixteen months old and for the first time (ever?), I don’t feel surprised.  I feel like this girl is 16 months going on 16, growing and changing everyday before my very eyes.  This month has been another crazy one for our family, so here’s the scoop!

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  • Upon our return from NZ/Australia/Ojai, we signed loan docs and closed on our first home!  We had to pose for the obligatory “sold” sign photo with Olive on the day of closing.  We feel so blessed to raise Olive in our own house!
  • We celebrated another Father’s Day by watching “Man of Steel” at the drive-in. Olive slept through most of the movie, per usual.  I truly love watching Olive with her Daddy and I thank God everyday for the special relationship they share.  She is SO blessed to have him as her protector, provider, leader and ‘first love.’ <3
  • Olivia enjoyed a handful of visits to the beach where she fell in love with the sand and the waves.  Give her a bucket and a shovel and she’s in heaven — a true California girl.
  • We moved into the new house and slowly began the unpacking process.  Olive loves going through the bags and boxes that line the hallways, reminding us that nothing is off-limits for a curious toddler.
  • We had a wonderful time at a 4th of July BBQ at “Grandma” Carole’s house. Olive is always so gleeful there, running free in teh garden or on the lawn, or exploring vintage bathtubs and trails with her little friend, Jetta.  🙂
  • She joined me for a little site visit in Paso Robles (sans client) and charmed strangers all along the way.
  • Olive finally met my clients-turned-friends Jess & Scott when they took a trip up here two weeks ago.  We had a blast giggling over cinnamon rolls together.
  • Favorite foods these days include corn on the cob, oatmeal with coconut sugar and chia seeds (she gets that from Daddy… I can’t stand the texture of “gruel”), and bananas.  Oh man she is WILD over her “nanas” and eats at least one a day. Anyone who knows me knows I’m crazy for bananas, too.  😉  Glad it caught on!
  • I catch her doing a lot more imaginative play: feeding her baby doll and rocking her to sleep, setting up her stuffed animals and giving them a speech, using a spoon and an empty bowl and pretending to mix something up, pretend-drinking from a block or other toy.  It is adorable and fascinating to see her grow and learn, as well as mimic a lot of Mama’s mannerisms!
  • New words in the vocabulary: “shoes” (she likes to pick her pair for the day), “hot” (when touching a warm bowl or the front of the oven — that didn’t last! haha), “hat” (she loves to wear hers), “eat” (when she’s hungry, or while I’m setting the table).
  • Animal noises upon command: puppy, kitty, duck, rooster, monkey, cow, birdie, tiger and lion (same roar).  🙂  I have a RIDICULOUSLY cute video to share along these lines soon…

What’s the big deal, guys?? 😉

Oh, these two… On Father’s Day.

And here’s our 16-month photomosaic…  It sorta bothers me that there are two striped purple dress pics in the same row but you know what?  When you’re blogging during your daughter’s naptime, you don’t have time for a re-do.  😉

Our darling Olive — Everyday you amaze us with your newfound skills and abilities.  As much as we’d like to say your brilliance is inherited, we know that all that you are is straight from your Heavenly Father.  You are wonderfully made!  We love your spunky personality and you make us laugh everyday.  I experience more joy than ever before and it is in large part due to you.  As we begin this new chapter in our new home, I pray that we would make many treasured family memories here.  These walls and halls are already blessed by your infectious giggles, your shrieks of joy, the gently babbling songs you sing.  You make this house the most wonderful home in the world.  We love you, little one.  xoxo, Mama

Thanks for stopping by — have an incredible afternoon & see you soon!

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  1. Abby Sanchez: July 22, 2013

    So excited!!! Thank you for the giveaway, Angel!! I’m going to love my new Dior lipstick!:) Happy 16 months to your little Olive!:)

  2. CC Ray: July 22, 2013

    Beautiful 🙂 Can’t believe how much she’s growing. It’s been so neat watching her transform into a little lady! Love ya’ll!

  3. vivian: July 27, 2013

    happy 16 months! the photo of her sticking out her tongue.. SO CUTE!!! leah is also obsessed with “nanas.” it’s one of the first things she says when she wakes up in the morning. hehe

  4. Jaclyne: July 30, 2013

    I adore her little personality, it shines through in all her pictures. Love reading your blog Angel!!

  5. admin: July 30, 2013

    That means so much to me; thank you sweet friend!

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