Hey everyone!!  I am still in maaaaaajor recovery mode after an intensely packed wedding weekend, but I am bursting with joy and gratitude beneath all these sore and achy muscles!  The thank you texts and voicemails I’ve received in the last few days have been such a blessing!

Today I wanted to start a new type of post called [hour-by-hour weddings].  I thought it would be fun to share how a wedding day unfolds by the hour, with brief descriptions and photos along the way.  I purposely did not shoot lots of details because I want to save that reveal for professional photos!  😉  I hope it is helpful to those of you who may be planning weddings and are curious about how a wedding day plays out.  It is also probably eye-opening to those who wonder about what I do on a wedding day; it’s not exactly the glamorous job you might imagine.  😉  All that said, I truly love what I do and I know it shows.  My favorite compliment of the night on Sunday was from a waiter who told me, “Every time I see you, you’re smiling!  I’ve never seen a wedding planner who is so happy!”  It cracked me up but I know a cheerful attitude and some hustling always goes far on a long (20 hour, in this case!) wedding day.

Here’s a look at Jill & Sep’s gorgeous day, hour-by-hour:

Site: Saddlerock Ranch, my home away from home!

8:00a – Classic Party Rentals is ready to roll!

9:00a – ceremony lawn, awaiting set-up

9:30a – dressed down in cargos, an embroidered Anthropologie tunic + my fav old Converse for install.  Bride Jill said to me upon arrival, “I think this is the most casual I’ve ever seen you dressed!”

10:00a – building a cocktail kitchen on the lower lawn for a more efficient service!

11:00a – {found} vintage rentals on-site = gonna be a beautiful day!  Jeni has an amazing team.

11:12a – sending a little hello to my sweet bride!

From 12 noon – 1p, I picked up lunch for my team + the security guys and we ate, unpacked décor and staged the favor table. 😉

2:00p – chairs all set in perfectly curved rows

3:00p – two of my favorite ladies: Becky & Holly of Hollyflora, beautifying everything in sight!  Gasping over those peonies + dahlias…

4:00p – using gorgeous furniture from {found} rentals to display kippot and programs.  I added a pillow to the chair later! 😉

4:30p – Anna and Michy… my stylish & beautiful team!

5:00p – ceremony set-up! florals by my dear friends from Hollyflora

6:00p – sending a stunning bride down the aisle // she met her parents at the back row of chairs

6:30p – a mouth-watering crostini station by Heirloom LA

6:30p – outrageously scrumptious & beautiful fish and chips being tray-passed

7:00p – faraway view of cocktail hour

7:30p – soundcheck + final touches on the dinner area during cocktail hour

8:00p – band ready to welcome guests for dinner

My phone died at this point, so from 8:00-10p I don’t have fun pics to share!  I participated in a Bollywood flash mob performance (woohoo!), there was a joyful hora, and a fabulous meal by Heirloom LA featuring wild salmon, jidori chicken, and a wild mushroom pappardelle that I’m still dreaming about…

11:00p – post dinner service selfie in the kitchen with the one & only Chef Matt Poley of Heirloom LA // cracking up because catering captain Dennis tried taking 7 pics of us and each one was blurry, hence the one-arm shot! haha

12:00a hour – packed dancefloor courtesy of the AMAZING J.B. Project

From 1:00-3:30a, we were taking care of strike: tearing down, packing up, reviewing the inventory, loading it up, etc. etc.!  No photos 🙂

3:32a – packed and ready to roll out 😉

When all was said and done, I was out working for 20 hours before my head hit the pillow!  I had lots of fun chronicling the day this way and I look forward to sharing more hour-by-hour weddings with you soon.

For now, it goes without saying that I am taking things easy on my body.  I am catching up with emails & blogs over the next few days so thank you for your patience!  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, loves!

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  1. kristin @ petal and thorn: July 30, 2013

    i love this post! just shows how tirelessly you work and how you make everything come together beautifully.

  2. michelle: July 30, 2013

    great recap of what goes into a typical wedding day! i would say part of the reason why we’re always smiling is because we have wonderful clients and truly love working with each other. go team L&S!

  3. Kel: July 31, 2013

    Phew, I’m tired just reading the hour by hour recap! You are amazing! I agree that you are always smiling. You are one of the very few people I’ve come across who always has a warm & genuine smile on her face. 🙂

  4. admin: August 1, 2013

    Thank you, sweet Kelly! That really means a lot to me! xoxo

  5. Heirloom LA: August 2, 2013

    What an absolute delight and pleasure to work with you!! This event went off so well thanks to all of your organized planning and vision. Thank you so much for including us!! xx

  6. admin: August 2, 2013

    We ADORE Heirloom LA and cannot wait for our next collaboration! xoxo

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