Although I am blessed to have a very flexible day-to-day schedule, making the distinction between weekday and weekend less prominent, I still get excited when Saturday morning rolls around…  I want to chop and blend and bake a fancy breakfast!  And blow dry my hair!  I just get an extra boost of energy for errands and adventures.  And if I’m honest, most errands feel like adventures because I get to go out!  🙂  This weekend’s project includes massive office organization, and I am excited to purge old files, buy pretty new storage totes and folders, and create a more tranquil workspace!

Our cherished friends Cary & Ryan Ray are in town so we have loved hanging with them (Olive especially)!  With their visit and lots of wedding work, I didn’t get to post as much this week.  Looking forward to diving back in next week!  Thank you for stopping by — I hope you have an amazing weekend!  xoxo

P.S. photo above is of the newest tunic top/vest I knitted for Olive.  You can see her modeling it on my Instagram!  xoxo, Angel

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