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I hope you are all having a lovely week!  Today I’m excited to share an interview I did with the Central Coast Wedding Standard — a great blog/site all about the fabulous wedding community here on the central coast of California!  I had answered the interview questions last fall so re-reading my answers today made me smile.  I like how I predicted Pantone‘s color of the year!  (Not joking… you can ask my friends Ryan, Jeni and Diana who know I was fixated on emerald green last year when we starting planning our winter gathering shoot last October!)

If you are thinking about a central coast wedding, you’ve gotta check out Central Coast Wedding Standard.  It has an incredibly thorough venue search tool, a blog full of inspiration and real weddings, and lots of artist interviews, helping you get to know the fabulous vendors out here.  I have to say that this stretch of California coast is home to a lot of industry giants and I am truly humbled and honored to join this vibrant community of creatives.

Take a peek at my interview and hopefully you’ll learn something new about me!  There are also lots of pics of me and Olive shot by Cameron Ingalls, the site’s creator and curator.  😉

Thank you again, Cameron, for this great feature!  Grateful to know you and call you friend!

Everyone else — I’ll be back soon to announce the giveaway winner *and* will share more photos of me and Olive from this impromptu shoot with Cameron!  And you know those post-partum baby hairs??  I’m finally doing something about them today.  It’s time for a new look!

xoxo, Angel

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  1. M&K: April 11, 2013

    How exciting! We will have to check this out. Love your outfit! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  2. christina: April 13, 2013

    love reading your interview friend!! you are so amazing, and such an inspiration!!! xoxo

  3. admin: April 15, 2013

    Love you, friend!! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!

  4. hena tayeb: April 15, 2013

    Congratulations on the feature!

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