A friend of mine happens to be a brilliant budding director.  (I’ll leave out the awkward photos of us from junior high.)  Last month he happened to direct a German baby monitor commercial.  And Olive happened to be the baby in that commercial.  😉

While I have no intentions of pursuing baby stardom for my daughter (although, let’s face it, she’s adorable…  haha), I thought it would be a fun and unique experience for her.  One day I think she’ll get a kick out of watching this!  Enjoy the English version of the commercial below!

And for fun, check out this delightful Nike ad he also directed!  It made me tear up for some reason (LOL!) — I just love it.

Paul, your work is incredible and I fully intend on planning your film premieres one day!

In other news — we are back from a fabulous vacation which I will share with you all soon.  Olivia was perfect on her first flight, and we even got to snap a photo of her in the cockpit with the pilot.  😉  Exciting things are brewing over here at Love & Splendor, so look forward to some fun announcements in the near future.  Have a great weekend and see you next week!

xoxo, Angel

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  1. christina: October 8, 2012

    awwww…love it angel!! your friend’s work is really great, love that nike commercial too!!

  2. michelle: October 10, 2012

    how ever did you get her to cry on cue like that!?! 😉 she’s a baby star in the making!!

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