Hello everyone!!  I’m so thrilled to share that Khali & Potsch’s wildly creative and whimsical wedding was featured on Green Wedding Shoes!  Check out THIS POST for tons of info on the inspiration behind the day straight from the genius minds of K+P.

When I first met Khali and Potsch for their consultation with Anna, I got a major ab workout.  Anna and I maintain that their consult holds the record for most laughter. Khali and Potsch are simply two of the sweetest, most generous, kind-hearted and UTTERLY.HILARIOUS people you will ever meet.  I loved every interaction I had with these two… from the sweet emails to the giggle-fest meetings.  It was a joy to come alongside them as they planned an incredibly personalized wedding filled with DIY touches.  Anna was the lead coordinator on this wedding, which means she (and darling Michelle) ran the show on the day-of.  But, because I was managing all the planning before the big day (and had become so attached to K&P!), I couldn’t stay away from the wedding.  😉  I came for a little set-up, the ceremony, and cocktail hour.  Everything was perfect and I was blown away by the (countless) unique, gorgeous projects that Khali and Potsch put together.  From hand-sewn runners and napkins to a wooden cupcake stand complete with tiny figurines (we had the best time dreaming up funny stories about the characters…), the wedding had a whimsical, almost dream-like quality.  Enjoy these photos, courtesy of the insanely talented Kelty of Steep Street.

Stills from the silent film they made & debuted at the reception.  INCREDIBLE!!  Make sure you WATCH IT HERE.

Khali & Potsch — WOW do I love you two.  🙂  Thank you for inviting us into your lives at such a special time.  It was so inspiring to watch your creativity come to life, and it was an honor being a part of the big day.  I was so moved during your ceremony… I sat on the grass under a big tree and just reveled in the amazing power of your love. You are surrounded by so many wonderful people, too — what a blessing!  I miss you madly and can’t wait to get together soon.  And Khali: are we still going into the shoe biz together???  LOL  xoxo

{fabulous vendors}

We have another exciting feature to share with you in a day or two, so keep your eyes peeled for that!  Hope you all are having a marvelous week!

xoxo, Angel

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  1. Shiloh Kristinah: January 26, 2011

    Love these photos! What fun wedding inspiration! Excited to check in and see more of your events! Love it!

  2. Jaclyne - Heavenly Blooms: January 27, 2011

    What a fun wedding!! Love how they stayed true to themselves and you can see that from their wedding style…

  3. michelle: January 27, 2011

    this wedding brings back so much fun and laughter!! what a magical day and i was so lucky to be apart of it. every single touch to the wedding was made with love and it completely showed. and let’s also not forget about those delicious pretzel knots that sat at the exit which were THE BOMB!! those alone need their own mention. =)

  4. jeannine: January 27, 2011

    angel, you rock each & every wedding you design. the butterfly for each bridesmaid is my favorite detail!

  5. loveandsplendor: January 27, 2011

    you are so sweet, jeannine! but i can’t take any credit for design on this one — khali, the bride, came up with the “moth pops” and all the other whimsical gorgeousness you see here! we were just her trusty wedding fairies, helping her bring it to life. 😉

  6. sally: January 27, 2011

    so whimsical… so lovely… so you!!
    hey angel, did you hear about how anthro is coming out with a bridal line? (it’s called bhldn.com) the online preview is on feb.14– how romantic! how anthro!! hope all is well– your work is as impeccable as always…take care!

  7. Rachel (heart of light): January 28, 2011

    It looks like so much fun – exactly the right feel for the space and the couple!

  8. anna: January 28, 2011

    these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    they were SO much fun to work with, and all their dreams/visions really came to life! LOVE them both!


  9. Sunmee: January 29, 2011

    Angel — I LOVE all of your posts!!! thank you for the inspiration! 😀

  10. christina: January 31, 2011

    what a super cute wedding…looks like such a fun couple! i am thrilled to see kelty’s work, since we are working with her in july!!

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