Today my wonderful husband celebrates his birthday and although he is not one to make a fuss over it (no fear of getting older, just a genuine nonchalance), I had to put up a simple post for him.  🙂

at olive’s 1st birthday party!

napier, new zealand

For me, a birthday is about celebrating someone’s life and the contributions they make to your own.  Here is a little thankful list for my Erik:

  • He loves the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength and it shows in everything he does.
  • He doesn’t have a lazy bone in his body and works so hard at his job/ministry as well as on projects around the house.
  • He’s utterly hilarious and makes me laugh on a daily basis.  He’s a kid at heart.
  • I don’t know a more organized, tidy, clean man.
  • He has a generous and compassionate heart.
  • He’s gorgeous.  ’nuff said.
  • He is a man of unwavering convictions and I know I can always look to him for godly advice and encouragement.
  • Erik is good at everything.  No really, it is ridiculous how naturally everything comes to him — from chess to intense games of strategy to biking to fishing to kayaking etc. etc. etc.  He picks things up with ease and masters them swiftly.  Swoon!
  • Along those lines, he is brilliant and studious and knows so much about so many topics.  Most importantly, he is saturated with the Word and serves as my walking Bible commentary.  😉  He is humble despite his wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share, instruct, and teach.
  • Erik absolutely adores Olive and has an incredible tender love toward her. It melts my heart and I know she will grow up feeling so secure in and blessed by the love of her father.
  • There is no pretense with him.  I love his authenticity.
  • He loves me wholeheartedly, despite my flaws and shortcomings.  He cares for my heart and soul.

taronga zoo in sydney, australia


He is simply the best man I know, and I am privileged to walk beside him in this life.  What a blessing!

Erik — Happiest Birthday to you, my love!  I hope your day is full of joy as you are reminded of how loved you are and how many lives you touch.  I can’t wait to see how God continues to use you in the years ahead.  I love you with all that I am. xoxo

I hope you all are having a great afternoon; I’m getting ready for date night with the birthday boy!

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  1. vivian: January 23, 2014

    happy birthday to your hubby!!

  2. Donna: January 23, 2014

    I agree with it all. He is such a wonderful pastor and we love you so much. I am growing under his ministry even tho almost 80, I am amazed at his knowledge. So is Wayne, Jean and Ed. We can’t thank God enough for bringing you into our lives.

  3. Hannah: January 30, 2014

    aww, he definitely sounds like a keeper! 🙂

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